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    Some of the Bears on a fan boat tour of the Everglades!  Cutler’s probably on his 3rd beer.

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  4. My Henry Fonda Hyrbid Tea Roses, Orange n’ Lemon - Rock n’ Roll hybrids, and my 15 year old Tiffany Roses.

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    The second worst burn that Two Face has ever felt.

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    Lol sorry last non artist problem post for the night

    D: *cry*

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    Want to collaborate on a Google Doc with Nietzsche, Shakespeare, Dostoyevsky, Dickinson, Dickens and Poe? 

    Click here. Start typing. Enjoy the hilarity. 

    Ninja Update: Wanna see something fun? Mention Shakespeare in a sentence and see what happens. 

    Poe kept writing distinctly into my sentences so I wrote ”Edgar, you’re not funny” aND HE BLATANTLY DELETED THE NOT I AM SO DONE WITH THIS ASDFKJL

    All of the authors were interrupting me except Charles Dickens. So I wrote “I think Charles Dickens is the best” and literally all the authors started a war to change their name into the Charles Dickens slot.  

    I wrote “Emily Dickinson is my favorite,” and Shakespeare added “the fairest lady, with lips like roses,” after her name. And then Emily erased it and changed it to “with a noble air, she holds herself with the utmost grace,” and then Poe erased it and changed the sentence to “Emily Dickinson is not my favorite”……

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    Team grumpiness!

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  13. "I really like working with [Stephen Dillane] because he’s so unpredictable and there’s something so stern about him. Liam [Cunningham] explained it really well, actually. He said, ‘He doesn’t give a damn about being liked by anyone.’ And that’s what makes him so cool and so very authentic in a way. He’s a sweetheart, but there’s something about him, you cannot really ‘get’ him. And especially to be in that triangle with Liam and him, that trio is so interesting because those men couldn’t be more different, and yet, they get along so well and they make me laugh. It’s like Laurel and Hardy. We joke, the three of us, we joke about doing a fun spinoff called ‘Melissa, Dave, and Stanley.’ A light-hearted supernatural rom-com."
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